Doug Palmer


Douglas Palmer hails from Greenville, NY. That’s upstate in the heart of the Catskill Mts where he learned to play guitar and fix tractors. He loves 3 Dog Night, Willie Nelson and KISS. It’s that simple!!!

Doug played guitar for Albany, NY’s favorite post-punk pop band F-TIMMI, before moving to the West Coast to join his childhood friends–brothers Nic and Alek Speck–to play, record and tour with LA based RUN RUN RUN.

Doug ‘Dawg Plummer’ Palmer enjoys doing lights at the Canyon Club for classic bands like Blue Oyster Cult, Burger King at 3 am on the NJ turnpike, guitar solos, not having to go to work, the still beauty of the mountains, vans tennis shoes, a strong iced coffee, his mom and pops, and good old fashioned peace and quiet.